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Who We Are

Good4Growth is a partnership that brings practical tools and tips to help parents, caregivers, early childcare centers, and anyone who touches a child’s life — to create healthier, smarter kids. The goal is to provide education and awareness in three key areas: Healthy Food, Creative Play, and a Caring Environment.

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funHow We Got Started

Over the last several years, science has confirmed common sense: If we provide caring spaces for children, with lots of activity, healthy food, and few worries, they will be healthier, better learners, and will do better in school and in life. Children that develop in these kinds of environments are also more able cope with life’s challenges.

Armed with this new research, the Cardinal Health Foundation partnered with the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics to provide practical information to parents, caregivers and any adult who has a child in their life. Our goal is to help all children get the very best start in life.

parent-showing-kidWhat We’re Doing

The early years are so important to a child’s brain development, ability to cope, and overall health. Parents, teachers, caregivers, mentors, family members and other adults can make a big difference in simple ways, everyday. Our tools and resources help adults connect with children through creative play, healthy food, and a caring environment. And it’s never too late to start. When adults and children share fun, engaging, and healthy activities the experience is valuable for everyone involved.

Take the 7 Day Connect Challenge to connect with a child in your life and promote healthier, smarter kids! And, join us in spreading this message so that, together, we can build a community of healthy children.