Creative Play

Why is Creative Play Important?

Physical activity is an important part of childhood. Play helps the body function better, the mind think better, improves mood, and lowers the risk for obesity and other diseases. For children, play means many things, such as schoolyard games, riding their bike, kicking a ball, participating in gym or lifting weights – anything that gets their bodies moving.

Use the tools below to access educational resources, such as flyers, posters, age-appropriate activities, articles by parents and health professionals, and evidence-based research.

Videos (for presentations or sharing online)

An Hour a Day to Play PSA

A PSA to encourage families and professionals to help children get 60 minutes of play a day.

Good4Growth Video

A video outlining the mission, background, and goals of Good4Growth.

Parent/Caregiver Resources

Preschool/Toddler Handout

Pass out these flyers to drive awareness on how families and professionals can help give kids an hour a day to play.


Here are some fun posters for your school, daycare center, office, or home to promote creative play.

Suggested Activities for Each Age

A list of easy-to-implement activities for children at every age. Pass these out at your next presentation or use them with your own family!

Fun Indoor Activities

Cold outside? Need ideas on how to stay active indoors? Download this PDF to find easy and fun activities to implement with your family, or feel free to pass out to others.

Planning Celebrations to Include Play

Throwing a birthday party? Here are some suggestions for activities and games that are fun and can help keep kids active.

Articles By Parents and Professionals

What Kids Need From Grown-Ups (But Aren’t Getting)

An impassioned plea for educators and parents to play with their children. By Cory Turner, Senior Editor, NPR Ed

How Play Influences Children in a Positive Way

By Charles Gibson, Personal Trainer at the Arena District Athletic Club.

An Hour A Day To Play: Less of a Chore, More of a Gift

An inspiring story by Jamie Turner of Columbus Public Health and a mother.

Four Favorite Games to Play with a Toddler

By Angela An, 10TV News Anchor and mother.

Three Classic Games Your Kids Have Probably Never Heard Of

By Angela An, 10TV News Anchor and mother.


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